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I don’t attach myself to many serious American TV dramas because, well, I’m too up my own British arse to enjoy anything other than the comedy that Americans create. (I lie, but I don’t actually watch many American dramas)

But Grimm is such a brilliant TV show. Let me tell you for why:

It’s not just because it’s a well written detective story,

It’s not just because it references the tales of the Brothers Grimm,

It’s the way the references are scattered throughout the storyline. As a student who has been trained for the past three years to target every single thing we see onscreen/stage and analyse its reference to the entire plot, Grimm is so perfect to watch.

Everything is there for a reason, and loads of scenes are just littered with very interesting mise-en-scene.

I really hate to talk technical, but to able to watch a show after learning all of these codes and conventions, and still enjoy it massively, is a great credit.

Well done America, I am proud.

No really. I am.

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